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Friday, October 4, 2013

Ann Arbor Flu Clinic Set

Our first flu clinic date, in Ann Arbor, is set.  It's 9-11 a.m., on Saturday, October 12.  Sign up sheets are available in the office, or you can call anytime to make an appointment.

Flu strains in circulation this year include two influenza As, and two influenza Bs.  All of our treatments are quadrivalent--they protect against all four strains.  Flu mists (with a live vaccine) are available to healthy patients age 2 and over; flu shots (with a killed vaccine) are available to patients 6 months and up.  Either treatment becomes effective around two weeks after it's given, and should last through the end of flu season next spring.

If you can't make it that Saturday, don't worry: we have plenty of flu mists and flu vaccines available in both Ann Arbor and Chelsea.  Call anytime to schedule a visit.


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