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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Skinny Foods, Fat Foods

The results of a New England Journal of Medicine study on American diets came out last month.  You may have heard about them.  In case you haven't:

Over the past two decades, Professor Walter Willett and a small army of scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health followed over 120,000 people, and asked what they ate.  They found that people who ate some foods tended to gain weight, and that people who ate other foods tended to take weight off.

The top 5 fat foods were:

#1  Potato chips
#2  Potatoes
#3  Sugary drinks
#4  Unprocessed red meats
#5  Processed meats

The top 5 skinny foods were:

#1  Vegetables
#2  Whole grains
#3  Fruits
#4  Nuts
#5  Yogurt

We knew that.  Now let's do something about it -- for ourselves, and for our babies.


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